The increasing demand on the Monaco housing market

Real Estate in Monaco is decidedly one of the world’s top invested urban markets, holding especial interest with the worlds wealthy. A Demand for homes in Monaco is presently rife with the world’s most affluent. Notwithstanding, The Principality of Monaco has shown incredible resilience against increasing demand; and retains a competitive advantage globally.

The rich and famous flock here like flies on pop

The tiny micro-state offers among the world’s most desirable standards of living. The rich and famous find the temperate Mediterranean climate, impressive scenery, and diverse recreation amenities particularly enviable.

Lifestyle is a key factor for permanent relocation, or obtaining a vacation destination in Monaco.

Monaco’s residential sector

Monaco received particular attention with the emergence of the global economic crisis. Impelled by the war on terror and increased international tensions, private wealth had become increasingly important. A combination of factors encouraged the global wealthy to find sanctuary in the City-state of Monaco, stimulating a new influx of e-commerce money and business retirees – especially from British business people and entrepreneurs. The website Simple Payday recently reporting that Philip Green lost a small fortune in the Mote Carlo casino.

Monaco is a key beneficiary in the recent re-emergence of interests in resort and retreat property, showing continual increase of price in residential markets as demand for homes from the world’s ultra wealthy abide.

This provides a compelling reason for investment in itself.

You’ll need to be wealthy to live here

According to Savills World Research, Monaco has the highest concentration of ultra-high net worth personages in the world and stands out as being the sixth most important destination for the Elite’s direct real estate holdings.

By value, Monaco is in league with major world cities such as Moscow, New York and London.

Furthermore, The number of the Elite exceeded almost 200,000 in 2013, with a collective wealth of almost $27.8 trillion.

According to Wealth X, This is estimated to reach approximately $40 trillion by the year 2020.

A large distribution of wealth is rested in real estate in Monaco – particularly European Wealth that totals 31% of the overall wealth.

Who’s buying in Monaco

The prime markets of Real Estate in Monaco attract a diversity of investors, including Eastern Europeans, the British, Belgian, Italian Swiss, Russians, and The French.

The Principality continues through efforts of land reclamation and urban restructuring to maintain it’s competitive foothold in the market. An upswing of progressive urban development promises to preserve Monaco’s attraction as a destination for the world’s Elite.

It is safe to say that Monaco is expected to continue to be a major player in real estate’s global prime arena.

Reasons people move here

2% of the worlds luxury real estate can be found in Monaco. And being that it is the second smallest country in the world that is simply amazing! It also makes you wonder why so many of the worlds richest people choose to live here being that it is so small. What is it about Monaco that attracts so many people with money? Well the reasons go far beyond the gorgeous weather and unbelievable lifestyle.

Tax Benefits

This is probably the number one reasons so many celebrities and other wealthy business people opt to make the move to Monaco. Doing so can reduce the amount of taxes they have to other countries. When you are a resident of Monaco you do not have to pay taxes on your worldwide income.

Some countries believe Monaco residents should pay taxes if the majority of their income originated there. But Monaco doesn’t agree with that. It doesn’t matter where your income originates from you can avoid paying taxes on it altogether when you live in Monaco.

The Luxury Real Estate

Listen, there is no denying the fact Monaco is beautiful and they have some of the best luxury real estate in the entire world. Investors from all over the world are attracted to the properties in this area. The homes can be best described as extravagant and palatial. People with money simply love it. If the tax benefits aren’t a big enough reason to move to Monaco I assure the luxury real estate is.

Its A Safe Place To Live

Monaco is considered one of the safest places in the world to live.Their police force is actually famous for being so efficient. That’s not something you hear everyday. Add that to a low crime rate and you have yourself a safe place to call home. With so much going on in the world its actually nice to know there are still places like this. Those looking to move their wealth to Monaco should know it will be in safe hands and very well protected.

Its Great For Business

If you are a businessman, or woman, and you need easy access to certain industry hotspots Monaco is where you want to be. It is close to both France and Italy. It is also only 30 minutes away from Nice airport. Living in Monaco makes it very easy to get to and from major European cities.


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